Sound DesignWe can design you new sounds from scratch.
TV & FilmLet us create the sound around your visual productions.
GamesWe produce interactive sounds for apps and games.
MusicWe know hit music and can design the sounds that make them.


Our Story…

Quantize Media is the collective brainchild of Music Producer / Art Institue of Atlanta Alumni, Ronnie Desiderio  & Tech Guru / Industry Insider, Jeremy Merrell Williams. The company launched with the vision of providing premium sound design and curation for producers, artist, film directors, game designers and more.
Ronnie started producing music at the age of 15 in his parents basement where he spent many years honing his craft in the arts of production and engineering while under the musical influence of Timbaland, Dr. Dre,  Master P, Jimmy Iovine, DJ Paul/Juicy J and many more.


“I believe in helping creators + sharing my gift/ear for production with the entire world; Whether it’s classes, a book, sound kits, or my music.”
~ Ronnie Desiderio

Jeremy also started producing music in his bed room at the age of 15 with the long ago discontinued Boss DR-5 while under the influence of the masterful marketing and hit making prowess of  the 1990’s No Limit Records & Suave House empires. Jeremy later added the now life long addictions of digital media and technology to his arsenal to become a technical soothsayer for many celebrities, brands, and startups between 2006 to present.

“Everyone has something special locked up inside of them that they cannot always access alone. It takes someone with a key or in our case a sound to get it out of them. Being the richest and most powerful man in the world means nothing if you never pay it forward. Thats what we aim to do at Quantize Media every day. We pay it forward.”
~ Jeremy Merrell Williams

What We Do

Sound Design
Music Production
Audio Branding
Dialog Editing /Recording
Live Recording / Production
January, 31The Art of Sound Design
January, 31The Impact of Audio
January, 31Mixing Vocals
January, 31Best Sound Design for your film

Process Steps

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